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Hotel Staff Development & Training

Maximise your staff's potential and allow education to be at the core of your business.


Our trainers are top of the line professionals with decades of experience. Their academic approach is inspired by the Swiss philosophy of Lausanne while their professional background is based in 4* and 5* star hotels from all around the world.

Enrol your team members and benefit from the power of long-term commitment

What steps to expect?

Phase 1. Initial assessment

Before starting any training, our team will assess the needs of your brand and pitch a training that will be tailor-made for your operation, the overall business environment, and your personal requests.


Phase 2. Move towards excellence in hospitality

We will then decide on a customized plan for your business that will covering multiple levels of training for management and middle management as well as courses designed for the success of your operation (kitchen, F&B, Housekeeping, and front office).

Additional to improving your own or your staff's performance through our customised training programmes, you can also enroll to one of four vocational programmes VET by EHL (École hôtelière de Lausanne) at the ohma Academy in Oradea and our ohma campus in Bucharest: Hotel Administration, Culinary Arts, Food and Beverage Services, Rooms Division.

Discover our ohma academy!

What makes us unique on the market?


We always keep in mind the owner's vision when we design, develop, and implement all the phases of a successful hotel evolution, from staff recruitment and training to well-planned tourism marketing strategies. 


We work on a case by case basis using tools exclusively developed by our team of experts for the hotel industry


The A-team of hospitality professionals with 100 years of combined industry experience

Plus some extra special partnerships with:

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Our own recruitement agency, providing qualified manpower.

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A Swiss company with a 125-year history, providing uniquely tailored services for hospitality, education and business development

Our own hospitality management academy, licensed VETbyEHL

Our integrated marketing and communication agency

You could always toss a coin to make a call.
Or you could call in the professionals!

We will assisst you in launching, customizing or expending your business! 

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[email protected]
+40 756 023 944 

164A Barbu Văcărescu St.,
Bucharest, Romania

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About hmc

hmc is part of the Swiss group winsedswiss (World Institute of Service Education), operating in Romania, Serbia and Cyprus, offering a wide range of alternatives to hotel owners worldwide. Our main objectives are the creation and development of a code of good practices for top management level!

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[email protected]
+40 756 023 944 

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